Five reasons you should apply for disability benefits

Cash benefits and medical benefits are among the top reasons people apply for disability benefits; reports show that large proportion of disability applicants apply so they can get easy access to medical care. If you do not know whether or not you should apply for disability benefits for whatever reason(s), below are some points that may guide you.


If you have a severe mental or physical condition

Social Security will consider you eligible for benefits if you have a severe mental and physical impairment. However, the SSA will not consider you eligible for benefits. Conditions which qualify for disability benefits include statutory blindness, terminal, and severe physical illnesses (cancer, HIV, diabetes), severe mental illnesses (bipolar and related illnesses), among others. You must have evidence that you have been diagnosed with that condition. Even if you have a condition that does not completely incapacitate you, the SSA may consider you eligible for benefits; thus, you can apply.  

If you expect your medical condition to last for at least 12 months

Another reason you want may want to apply for disability benefits is if you have been diagnosed with a disability that is expected to last, or has lasted, for at least a year. If this your case, you should contact a Social Security office to make a claim. One must endeavor to apply as soon as possible since the time required to receive a decision on a claim can be lengthy (and your condition may worsen by then).

If your condition prevents you from engaging in any substantial gainful activity

According to Social Security’s SGA level of 2018, if you are earning less than $1,180 per month (or $1,970 if you're blind), you are not engaging in any substantial gainful activity. Not being able to work means not being productive at least 15 percent of your time or being absent at least 10 percent of the time. This is premised on the fact that you are unable to hold a job in any of these conditions. If you can prove that you meet the above requirements, you should want to apply for disability benefits.

Business Opportunities

Individuals who qualify for SSDI are usually permitted to start a business while collecting their monthly benefits. This opportunity allows for disabled persons to maintain different streams of income and a good living condition in spite of their disability. The SSA will continue to provide disability benefits while the individual goes through a trial stage of a few years. Online applications have been made easy for interested persons to apply for disability benefits.   

Healthcare and other opportunities

Social Security Disability (SSDI) applicants are automatically eligible for medical benefits upon the approval of a claim. The benefits give these persons access to treatment, and sometimes, cater for travel expenses and more. SSDI beneficiaries also receive housing grants from the Government and thus, do not have to stress about living arrangements even if they do not have good credits.


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