10 Amazing Ways Disability Benefits Can Improve Your Life

Cash and medical benefits

Cash and medical benefits are among the top reasons people apply for disability benefits. They can be paid to disabled and retired persons, the surviving spouse or minor children of the person who was receiving the benefits, and sometimes, the legal guardian of the claimant. They include Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP), attendance allowance, etc. PIP, which is now replacing DLA, is not dependent on an individual’s earnings or savings and it helps with the extra costs involved with long-term health conditions for people aged 16 - 64. Attendance allowance, on the other hand, depends on the level of care a person needs; basically, it helps with the extra costs involved with having a severe disability (e.g., hiring someone to care for you). All these sources of income can help you afford better healthcare services.

Employment and Support Allowance

Applying for disability benefits also qualifies you for employment and support allowance. It is given to those who find it harder to get a job (due to their ill health or disability) and are in need of financial support. However, you must meet some conditions to qualify for ESA; (1) you must be under the state pension age (2) you must not be receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance, Statutory sick pay or Statutory maternity pay.

Housing grants

Housing and housing adaptation grants allow disabled persons to get assistance from relevant bodies on housing allowance and housing modifications that are more suitable for their (accommodation) needs. The HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) offers programs that assist them to obtain rental assistance, housing vouchers, purchase homes and increase accessibility.

Business opportunities

If you are disabled and are interested in starting up a business, you may be able to get funds for the business startup. However, it is important you have a business plan in place in order to get assistance to prepare the necessary documents and acquire capital needed for the business

Mobility allowance

Another amazing way disability benefits can improve your life is that qualifies for mobility allowance - a monthly payment payable to those (16 and above) with disabilities and are unable to walk or use public transport. Although an alternative plan called Transport Support Scheme is being devised to replace it, the Health Service Executive still makes monthly payments to those who were getting monthly allowance before the scheme ended.

Exemption from paying vehicle tax

The scheme allows disabled persons and their families have an exemption from paying vehicle registration tax. It allows these individuals to acquire a decent means of transportation suitable for their needs.

Blue Badge Parking benefits

The Blue Badge provides disabled persons with some parking benefits. For example, you may park for free in pay-display bays and on single and double yellow lines.

Disabled persons bus pass or railcard

A lot of assistance comes with using the train including assistance getting on and off the train, carrying your luggage, etc. You may be required to buy a railcard on your first rail trip; however, you may not have to pay for subsequent trips

Tax relief on certain goods and services

If you have a long-term disability or illness, and you have intentions of getting goods and services just for your own use, you do not have to pay tax on some goods.

Social Security Backpay

Social security back payments are calculated using your application date and your established date of onset, and the amount of back pay a person receives is often dependent on his/her SSDI monthly payments. If you previously applied for SSDI benefits, you can get back pays for as far back as your original application date. Backpays serve as an additional source of income which offsets medical expenses for previous treatments.


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